Non-banking financial institutions increase their share capital in 2017

2017-11-09 09:40 GMT+8

Following the Financial Regulatory Committee's October 2016 order to nine non-banking financial institutions (NBFIs) to increase their shareholder value, NFBIs including National Credit, Khaan Credit, Ashig Golomt, Utpala Finance, Mongolian Financial Partners, Asia Capital Corporation, SONK, and others have raised their capital value to a minimum of 2.5 billion MNT.

Newly established NBFIs are no required to hold a minimum of 2.5 billion MNT in capital, and veteran institutions have been gradually raising their shareholder value over the past year. Exponential Fund Management LLC’s shareholder value increased by 110 million MNT in the past 12 months, reaching 214 million MNT.

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