“Precious and priceless heritages of Ancestors” exhibition showcases


2017-11-10 14:41 GMT+8

“Precious and priceless heritages of Ancestors” exhibition showcasing rare finds reserved in Archaeological Museum of University of Ulaanbaatar opened in the National History Museum on Friday. Chief of Staff of the Office of the President Z.Enkhbold addressed the opening. 

He said, “In the scope of celebration of the 25th anniversary of University of Ulaanbaatar and on the occasion of the World Science day observed every November 10 by the declaration of UNESCO, we are delighted to be witnessing the results of many years of research and academic endeavors of the Archaeological Museum of University of Ulaanbaatar.”

The Archaeological Museum was established in the autumn of 2012, since when the museum has been enriching its treasury by the finds discovered in the outcome of 15 years of research and explorations. 

The exhibition showcases bone knife with stone blades dating back to the New Stone Age and 6000-3000 years ago, stone bowls of Chemurchek Culture from the Bronze Age, bronze knives, bronze needles and bone necklaces of Munkhkhairkhan Culture, and large and small stone scoops excavated from Square Tomb Culture. Other exhibits include remains of horse carriage and equestrian apparels and gears made from gold, silver and bronze dating back to Hunnu era, as well as the bronze utensils and spear bards made of gold, silver, bronze and iron, mined by ancient Mongol miners. 

The bowl made of thin and white-and-blue tinted glass produced in the Roman Empire was also exhibited. The glass bowl is the only ancient glassware to ever be found in the continent of Asia. One of the most mentionable piece is an engraved luxury mirror of 23 cm diagram. 

The exhibition will be open until the end of this month. 


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