J.Batzandan: "Parliament members are afraid of B.Khurts"

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2017-11-14 15:49 GMT+8

ULAANBAATAR (GoGo Mongolia) J.Batzandan, a parliament member, criticized the appointment of B.Khurts as the ambassador to South Korea and requested the Cabinet to look back this decision.

The Parliament will discuss this appointment tomorrow.

B.Khurts was appointed as the ambassador to Seoul by the Cabinet, upon the recommendation of foreign minister D.Tsogtbaatar. B.Khurts acted as the head of General Intelligence Agency until the end of last month.

But today J.Batzandan announced today that his endeavor to organize an open hearing failed due to lack of support, claiming most of the Parliament members are afraid of B.Khurts. According to the Law, an open hearing can only be organized when a minimum of 19 Parliament members sign the motion.

Moreover, J.Batzandan mentions the number of complains received from citizens to the Standing Committee on Applications during previous Parliament was related to B.Khurts. J.Batzandan was the chair of the Committee at that time.

J.Batzandan expresses his belief that an open hearing is the only proper way to hear official explanations from B.Khurts, and find out whether he broke the Law or not.

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