“Script of eternal sky–2017” calligraphy exhibition to open in anticipation of National pride day

Press and Public Relations Department of President

2017-11-17 14:19 GMT+8

On the occasion of the 855th birth anniversary of Great Chinggis Khaan – National Pride Day and at the initiative of the President of Mongolia, calligraphic exhibition “Script of Eternal Sky – 2017” is opening at noon of Friday, November 17th, in “Ord” Exhibit Hall of the Children’s Invention Center of Mongolia. 

The exhibition, which has been made annual since 2011, is showcasing calligraphic pieces created by eight distinguished artists and 55 school children for the 855th birthday of Chinggis Khaan. 

The exhibition will be free-of-charge and available for the public between November 17th and 23rd. 

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