Ceremony held for raising state flag and great white banners

Press and Public Relations Department of President

2017-11-19 16:27 GMT+8

Today is marking the 855th anniversary of Great Chinggis Khaan, the National Pride Day and the auspicious first day of the first month of winter, according to the Lunar Calendar. On this occasion, ceremony for raising the state flag took place today at Sukhbaatar square, followed by ceremony for exalting the Great White Banners. 

The Nine White Banners were brought from to the State Palace to Sukhbaatar square by cavalcade of nine honor guards, who circled the State Palace clockwise. Tribute was paid to the Nine White Banners by mounted honor guards riding chestnut horses and the wind ensemble. 

After this, the Nine White Banners were carried back to the Ceremonial Hall of the State Palace. 

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