N.Tuvshinbayar delivers speech upon receiving Chinggis Khaan order

Press and Public Relations Department of President

2017-11-19 17:08 GMT+8

On November 19, the Auspicious first day of the first month of winter according to the Lunar calendar, the 855th birth anniversary of Great Chinggis Khaan and the National Pride Day, Hero of Labor and State Honored Athlete of Mongolia Tuvshinbayar Naidan was awarded the Chinggis Khaan Order. 

He delivered a speech at the ceremony. He said, 

“Your Excellencies President of Mongolia, Chairman of the State Great Khural and Prime Minister of Mongolia, 

Dear laureates of Chinggis Khaan Order and

Distinguished academics, outstanding figures from all endeavors, beloved seniors, teachers and dear honorable guests, 

I extend my warm greetings to all of my countrymen in every corner of the world, all Mongolians, on the birth anniversary of Great Chinggis Khaan and the Auspicious first day of the first month of winter, the National Pride Day. 

Good winter to You. 

I am overflowing with happiness that I am receiving this supreme order named after the great title of our emperor Chinggis Khaan from the hands of the head of state. 

At this moment, I am proud of being born a son of an ordinary herder in Mongolia, where you meet the best of people, walk on the best of lands and see the bluest of skies.

The power that brought me to this point come from the perfect setting of Mongolian lifestyle, customs and culture, teachings of my mother and father, care and love of my wife and children, invincible support of my friends, education and skills given by my beloved teachers and trainers, hardwork and sweat of my team-mates, fortune and faith of my ancestors who passed down to us epic and brave history and trust of my people who counted on me at all times. 

All of these are uppermost in the mind of mine and are the parts that create the treasure called homeland. 
I think Mongolia’s first gold medal in the Olympic Games has been earned thanks to many years of hardwork and efforts of generations of excellent athletes and trainers of Mongolia. I am absolutely delighted that this medal has restored the pride and unity of the nation. 

I reckon every single person is destined to greatness if the person has a goal, for which the person works hard and persistent. 
If you are a Mongolian, be proud of your motherland and be proud by every Mongolia. 

There isn’t any greater pride than to be able to serve one's own country. 

I believe it is our duty to pass down patriotism to our children and future generations. 

I pledge all of my efforts I will ever have to the growth and prosperity of my country. 

May the rule remain stable and the lives of the people be ever prosperous. 

Thank You to the people of Mongolia.”

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