China expands Mongolian vocabulary


2017-11-24 16:33 GMT+8

HOHHOT - "Shared bike" and "facial recognition" are among more than 18,000 new terms and words that have been added to the Mongolian vocabulary in China.

Over the past two years, China's Mongolian language working group has been collecting, reviewing and translating words that were absent in the existing Mongolian language.

According to deputy head of the group Qi Jinyu, the new words related to politics, economy, technology, society, law and the Internet will be published in Mongolian media and compiled as a mini dictionary.

The timely update of the Mongolian vocabulary is conducive to the ethnic group's understanding of modern society and the development of the millennia-old language, Qi said.

Mongolian speakers mainly live in China, Mongolia and Russia. About 6.5 million people of the Mongolian nationality live in eight Chinese provinces and regions including Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Gansu, Xinjiang and Qinghai.

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