General secretary of MPP gives information about 28th Summit


2017-11-28 11:57 GMT+8
D.Amarbayasgalan, the General Secretary of MPP (from right)

D.Amarbayasgalan, the General Secretary of MPP, gives information about 28th Summit of MPP.

Prime minister U.Khurelsukh suggested D.Amarbayasgalan as a secretary of MPP and delegates who participated in the Summit accepted his offer.

D.Amarbayasalan emphasized that the 28th Summit was initially planned to continue for three days. But it was extended to 5 days due to the active participation of the delegations.

MPP has a total of 218 thousand members, of which 1283 delegates participated in the Summit.

  • While 23.4 percent of the participants were women.
  • 18 percent were between 18-35 years old,
  • 39.3 percent 36-45 years old,
  • 32 percent were 46-60 years old,
  • 7.4 percent were 61 years and over.

The main decisions made by the Summit are as follows:

- U.Khurelsukh was chosen as the Head of the Party, as 63 percent of the participants voted for him.    

- The number of members of Governing Board was decreased to 32 from 33.

Amendment to Party rule:

-At least 30 percent of the candidates who compete for Summit delegation, election committee of the aimags and the capital city must be members of background party organizations. 

-General Secretary of the Party is to lead the Governing board (GB) in any case, either MPP is opposition or ruler in the parliament. This regulation aimed to limit the authority of the Party Head if MPP is the ruling party in the parliament house.

-Members of the Parliament, Government, members of Citizen's Representative Council of aimags, soums, city districts must pay attention to unity and focus on the implementations of the Party`s action plan. Party members, who break this rule will be liable for taking responsibility.

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