Cross-listing for international markets approved by the FRC

2017-11-28 16:59 GMT+8
Mongolian Stock Exchange CEO Kh. Altai

On November 24, the Financial Regulatory Commission (FRC) approved a system of cross-listing for companies registered with the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE).

The system will enable entities in Mongolia with listing on foreign stock exchanges to issue securities, and for foreign entities and organizations listed on the MSE to issue securities. There are 11 companies operating in Mongolia that are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and they will now be able to register for cross-listing and making securities available to domestic investors.

Mongolian Stock Exchange CEO Kh. Altai pointed out that the system will help strengthen the domestic market. Twenty-six companies leading in the global financial market were included in the list of foreign securities issuers eligible for cross-listing. 

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