Mongolia - Telecoms, mobile and broadband analyses

2017-11-30 09:54 GMT+8

The growing popularity of mobile broadband has underpinned overall broadband and telecoms growth. This trend is consolidating Mongolia's position as a mobile first telecoms market and shaping the future direction of Mongolia's developing digital economy. 

The penetration of fixed lines in Mongolia has increased strongly over the past five years as a higher proportion of residences decide to take a fixed line access option. Penetration is however predicted to only increase slightly over the next five years to 2022. There is a continued migration from fixed-line services to mobile operators that have a much higher availability in the rural areas and access to applications and services in the urban areas. 

Mongolia's mobile market has experienced relatively slow growth over the past five years in a relatively mature market. High mobile penetration levels in Mongolia are also indicative of healthy competition. Slow to moderate growth is predicted over the next five years to 2022. The market will be constrained from higher growth due to strong local competition and a further maturing market. 

Mobile broadband has become an increasingly attractive proposition due to the increasingly faster speeds offered coupled with improving tariffs due to strong competition among the four mobile network operators. Mobile broadband subscriptions grew rapidly commencing in 2012, with this growth attributed to the increasing popularity of 3G mobile broadband products. 

The launch of 4G LTE services by all the major operators in 2017 will see the uptake of mobile broadband customers continue to grow strongly over the next five years to 2022. In April 2017 the Mongol Sat-1 platform was launched in partnership with Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS). It is Mongolia's first satellite to support domestic telecoms, broadband and television services including TV, internet, radio, e-services and government links. The satellite will help to reach users in isolated rural areas of the country.

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