1,200 North Korean workers to leave Mongolia as UN sanctions bite


2017-12-04 09:44 GMT+8

UN Security Council has ordered its member nations to stop the quest worker permits to North Koreans after Pyongyang's recent nuclear weapon test.

About 1,200 North Koreans live and work in Mongolia. Most of them work in construction, cashmere, and traditional medicine industries.

South China Morning post cited N.Chinzorig, Minister of Labour and Social Protection that North Korean workers will have to leave Mongolia by the end of the year, as their one-year work permit will not be renewed.

Furthermore, Sh.Odonbaatar, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs official said: "Private entities will not be able to offer new contracts, due to the UN resolution."

However, North Korean Embassy in Mongolia responded that it hadn't received an official letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, yet.

The number of North Koreans working in Mongolia has dropped every year since peaking at 2,123 in 2013.

In Mongolia, construction companies have hired North Koreans for working long hours without complaint. They live in toolsheds of construction sites or in the basements of flat projects. They never take time off or even leave the construction sites as they are not allowed to wander in the city on their own.

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