Executive consulting committee holds its first meeting

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-01-08 15:01 GMT+8

An executive consulting committee was formed by the Investment Protection Council last December, in accordance with a decree from the Secretary of the Cabinet.

The committee's first session was held on January 5. At the beginning of the session, Chairman of the committee and Cabinet Secretariat G. Zandanshatar noted that the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and other international organizations have been supporting partnership between the state and private sector to improve the economic management of Mongolia and to generate financial benefits, and have advised the government to enhance mechanisms in place to improve the quality and comprehensive management of investments. 

He added that the committee will play an important role in attracting foreign direct investment, improving the state's benefits from investments, making concession agreements with the private sector more success, creating a better legal environment for investors, listening to investors and including their proposals in the state's policy, and strengthening partnership, trust, and cooperation between the state and the private sector.

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