MPP decides to combat air pollution comprehensively


2018-01-09 14:13 GMT+8

The MPP`s group in the parliament convened to discus the Government`s 2018-2019 Action plans and air pollution reduction on Monday.

Khayankhirvaa damdin, head of the MPP`s group in the Parliament, addressed “The MPP held a hearing on the Cabinet Secretariat and National development Agency`s implementation of three main economic reforms, which will be implemented within 900 days”.

Accordingly, the Cabinet plans to focus mainly on the issues of agriculture, tourism and unemployment.

 “Obviously, the mining sector will be our main key focus. We reached an agreement to select specific major projects in the remaining tenure at the Autumn session and agreed to further discuss progressions at the Spring sessions” informed the MPP`s group.

As for the discussions on the air pollution, the MPP affirmed the severeness of the air pollution in the Ulaanbaatar and reviewed to take comprehensive approach at every level of government bodies. Therefore, the members were ordered to study effective measures on combating air pollution and present it at the autumn session.

The MPP stated that the issue will not be settled at low-cost, thus the members decided to discuss financial issues and options. Hence, the MPP decided to make a specific proposal to the parliament`s spring session, regarding the effectiveness of use of stoves, electric heaters and gas to reduce air pollution and smog.

The MPP informed that another issue surfacing simultaneously with the air pollution is the soil pollution. Majority of the members agreed that the soil pollution needs to be settled along with the air pollution.               

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