G. Baasan: Head of the Anti-corruption Agency must resign

D.Bagakhuu GoGo.mn

2018-01-09 17:54 GMT+8

G.Baasan, the Chairman of Public Council, which is under the jurisdiction of Anti-Corruption Agency, held a press conference today.

She announced that "The Public Council aims to stop corruption cases in Mongolia. So far, the Council members have held meetings four times. We met with legal authorities and delivered cooperation proposals.

The Public Council also developed a recommendation on anti-corruption and introduced it to the President and the Parliament, met with a total of 102 citizens and heard their cases.

Moreover, the Council will focus on protecting witnesses, victims, informers, and whistle-blowers in the year 2018.

Unfortunately, there persist some issues within the Anti-Corruption Agency, such as deleting complaints and disclosing complainants information to authorities, etc.

Kh.Enkhjargal, the Head of the Agency, told me to keep silent on D.Jigjidnyamaa's case related to Ulaanbaatar Railway Company. We have a total of 23 documents related to corruption cases that need to be solved, including the facts associated with the embezzlement of 3-4 billion MNT from tuition fees of University of Science and Technology by the Directors.

However, while Kh.Enkhjargal is still the Head; it's not possible to bring corruption cases and facts to the Agency.

Furthermore, Kh.Enkhjargal is also a close friend of M.Enkhbold, Speaker of the Parliament, who has allegedly been related to the 60 billion MNT corruption scandals during 2016 elections.

For these reasons, we are submitting a proposal to dismiss Kh.Enkhjargal."

Following the press conference, a commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Agency, T.Bayarkhuu denied the statements of G.Baasan, claiming that some people are trying to interfere with the Agency's activities and blacken the administration. If such actions continue, the Anti-Corruption Agency will appeal to the court to restore its reputation and dignity.

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