Leaders seek solutions: Tackling air pollution with accommodation


2018-01-11 14:49 GMT+8

                       -Bloomberg TV Mongolia holds Smoke-free Ulaanbaatar forum-

Bloomberg TV Mongolia, in cooperation with the MInistry of Construction and Urban development and Mongolian Mortgage Corporation, held a forum under the theme-«Smoke free Ulaanbaatar» on Wednesday.

Dolgion Erdenebaatar, CEO of Bloomberg TV Mongolia, addressed «The air pollution in UB has exceeded the international air quality standards by 5-10 times. World health organization advises the children and elders to not leave the house and avoid physival labours if air quality index  (AQI) exceeds 500. However, the AQI of Ulaanbaatar is fluctuating between 2-5 thousand. Housing is an effectivemeasre to tackle air pollution. Therefore, the forum is covering three panel discussions of housing namely Clean air, Housing market and sustainable financing.»

He then added «The Government has issued a policy to combat air pollution and is struggling to implement by itself: hence, overlooking the private sector. The construction companies are confident in solving this issue. Furthermore, Mr Dolgion Erdenebaatar advised the Government to stop the empty promises and welfare policies, and make visible changes in the society by directing the financies to hiusing the target groups.

According to the Ministry of Construcion and Urban Development, approximately 1.4 million citizens and 381 thousand households reside in Ulaanbaatar, 40 percent of which are living comfortable apartments connected to central heating and other utilities, while the remaining  60 percent live in ger districts. Furthermore, around 80 thousand people who are lodging in apartments have 8 percent mortgage loans.

Mongolian Marketing Consulting group`s 2016 study shows that housing demand is limited to only 33 thousand households who have the purchasing power to afford accommodation. Therefore, the main challenges is accomodating 200 thousand households at low cost. The study dictates that the majority can afford a housing price of MNT 1.3 million per square meter: however, only 20 percent of construction companies can sell accomodation lower than MNT 1.5 million per quare meter.

Additionally, the representative of Mongolian Mortgage Corporation addressed that improving legal environment of financial instruments, such as insurance and securities, can increase access to loans and reduce housing prices.                  

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