Cabinet discusses state assets, military service and livestock health

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-01-11 16:01 GMT+8

Cabinet has decided to close down a number of state-owned factories, including Enterprise Complex, Mongol Tarialan Complex, Mongol Makh Corporation, Mongol Tamga, and Auto Road Rental Equipment, due to stalled operations, excessive debt, and a lack of financing.

The ministers also approved a new process for the completion of contracted military service under the Military Service Law. Through the new system, an individual can become eligible to work as a staff sergeant or a staff officer while under contract for military service.

The standard period for completing military service as a recruit and private first class will be 24 months, but can be extended voluntarily.

A national program for livestock health was approved by the cabinet as well. The national program will focus on preventing the spread of infectious disease and improve the general health of the nation's livestock.

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