Ministry of food reports: 11 programs to implement in 2018


2018-01-12 17:15 GMT+8

Batzorig Batjargal, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, briefly introduced the objectives and actions of the ministry, and presented the eight draft resolutions on improving the legal environment of the sector, six other laws and eleven national programs planned to be implemented in 2018.

After the presentation, Eldev-Ochir Lkhagvaa, Head of parliament’s Standing committee on Environment, food and agriculture, addressed “The bills will be discussed in accordance with the parliamentary law. Special attention will be paid to the concepts and quality of these bills. The law on animal genetics and The law on Animal Health have been approved last year. These will start implementing from June 1, 2018. Therefore, it is advisable to pay close attention to the promotion and implementation of these laws.”

Also, the Ministry requested a working group to amend the Law on Procurement of Goods and services.

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