Speaker and Prime Minister meet with IMF working group leader

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2018-02-06 11:01 GMT+8

Speaker of Parliament M. Enkhbold and Prime Minister U. Khurelsukh received Leader of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Mongolia working group Geoff Gottlieb, IMF Resident Representative for Mongolia Neil Saker, and other officials on February 5.

Speaker M. Enkhbold and the premier thanked the IMF for accepting proposals to revise changes to personal income tax and the retirement age, returning them to their previous states.

He said that positive changes in the economy have been a direct result of the efforts of the IMF and Government of Mongolia. The IMF’s staff team leader Geoff Gottlieb, responded, “The program has been implemented by the Government of Mongolia and the government has done a good job.

The IMF is willing to receive any requests and will work for the right solutions. Although the Mongolian economy saw growth in less than a year, it has to keep its stability because the economy can change.” Gottlieb noted that Mongolia needs to take immediate action in response to its poor rating from the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering. The Prime Minister said that his cabinet work toward diversifying the economy and not only relying on the mining sector.

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