Turkish Ambassador speaks about bilateral trade relations

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-02-07 13:30 GMT+8

Turkish Ambassador to Mongolia Muhittin Ahmet Yazal made a statement on Turkey's policy in the Middle East and trade relations with Mongolia.

He said that the Turkish Embassy in Mongolia works to enhance economic cooperation between the two countries. The Economic Commission Conference will be held next April, organized by the two nations' governments, which will include a business and economic forum. The ambassador said that foreign trade volume between the nations totaled 30 million USD in 2017, but that Turkey wants to see trade of up to 500 million USD.

Ambassador Yazal also noted that Mongolia's agriculture, livestock, tourism, construction, and infrastructure sectors are of interest to Turkish companies. He predicted that foreign trade will increase when transport infrastructure is upgraded, suggesting that a direct flight between the two countries should be established.

The ambassador said that a direct flight could result in the increased trading of goods and growth in investment from Turkey.

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