Ice challenge helps you overcome your fear


2018-02-09 11:59 GMT+8

“Ulaanbaatar is apparently the coldest capital in the world as the temperature dropped below the average of Antarctica in the second half of January. However, it does not mean to avoid outdoor activities; but instead, it is time to overcome your fear and escape your comfort zone for adventurous winter activities,” says Batsuren Jamiyansuren, a correspondence manager of Mongolia Expedition travel company. He highlights that the coldest winter offers you the most exciting adventure of a lifetime.

-What are the best thing activities during the winter in Mongolia? 
-Mongolian winter is longer than its summer. Therefore, people, especially those who are living in Ulaanbaatar city, wonder what to do and think of possibilities or opportunities for an adventurous travels, activities and so on. They need to refresh themselves on weekends. They need to look for activities outside the city, such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking, or travel to a ski resort. Also, a variety of winter activities, including dog sledding and horse riding, have started captivating people’s interest in the recent years.

-Do we have ice climbing events in Mongolia? 
-Yes, of course. The ice climbing has already became a national competition. We have been organizing National Ice Climbing event since 2010 with one of the famous mountaineers of Mongolia Usukhbayar Gelegjamts in Ulaantsutgalan, about 20 meters high naturally frozen waterfall. The best time for an ice climbing challenge is in December or January. But the location is pretty far from Ulaanbaatar.

It is almost 500 km, and takes a full day of drive on bumpy roads. In 2013, we decided to make it easier to reach and build artificial ice walls near Ulaanbaatar. For example, we built an ice wall in Nairamdal International Children Center, which is located 60 km from Ulaanbaatar, this year. Mongolian National Climbing Federation have been organizing the event for the last two years. They have been organizing the event in order to expand its operation by reaching out to the expats.

-What is the best thing about ice climbing? 
-Overcoming your fear is, without a doubt, the most exciting factor. All these adventurous activities help you overcome your fear and escape your comfort zone. After conquering the hardship, you will definitely be proud of yourself.

-What are the main activities that are attracting the expats?
-Dog sledding day trip is the most attractive package as it includes horse riding, traditional hot meals, dog sledding on Tuul and Terelj rivers. The travelers get to see a beautiful scenery along the way. Dogsledding is getting popular among not only the expats, but also to local citizens.


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