“Mongolian traditional utensils” exhibition opened

Photo Journalist D.Javkhlhantugs GoGo.mn

2018-02-09 16:30 GMT+8

Opening ceremony of the «Mongolian traditional utensils» exhibition was held at the Mongolian National museum yesterday. A total of 170 showpieces, which display the intricate artistry and talents of artisans, can be seen during the exhibition.

A set of two teapots with elegant ears describing dragons and various stone jugs are among the most ancient and precious showpieces.

Utensils are directly connected to mankinds history of development. In ancient times, people used stones and clayware to cook and store their foods.

Afterwards, people learned a technique to harden the clay with heating, and started to use vases as containers. In ancient times, people developed a new method to mix copper with tin and lead, resulting in the beginning of Bronze Age.

Scientists found different utensils and scoops made by stones, granites, and specular stones from ancient tombs, which belong to the first period of Bronze Age. Some were used in everyday life, while some were used for smelting and casting metals. Some containers had handles and some had not, while some have been rubbed and polished to improve quality.

The exhibition is open until 8 March, 2018. Ticket price: (MNT)

  • Adults- 8000 MNT
  • Children-1000 MNT
  • Students, Elders and the Disabled - 2500 MNT

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