Parliament’s autumn session concludes

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-02-12 12:30 GMT+8

Parliament’s regular autumn session closed on February 9. During the 93 days of the autumn session, Parliament reviewed and approved 125 laws, along with 54 parliamentary resolutions.

Members of Parliament reviewed a resolution on immigration quotas and residence, but the resolution was not approved. President Kh. Battulga delivered remarks, but declined to answer Parliament members’ questions. In his speech, he noted, “There has been criticism from the public that Members of Parliament don’t attend sessions enough to participate in reviewing and approving bills.

Members who have been elected by the public should be actively involved in drafting laws. The public’s faith in the state has been shrinking, and a lack of participation from legislative politicians may have something to do with this.”

Twenty-four bills and resolutions, including constitutional amendments, the Law on Political Parties, and amendments to the Law on Parliamentary Elections will be reviewed in the next spring session.

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