Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry speaks to the press

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-02-13 12:01 GMT+8

The Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry (MMHI) held a Transparent Mining press conference on February 12.

Mining Minister D. Sumiyabazar, Deputy Chairman of the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority (MRPA) L. Radnaasuren, and Chairman of Policy Coordination at the MRPA  Ch. Chuluunbat were the main speakers, and talked to journalists about the industry’s 2017 report.

In 2017, the nation produced

  • 47.1 million tons of coal,
  • 1,317,000 tons of copper concentrate,
  • 19.8 tons of gold,
  • 5,600 tons of molybdenum concentrate,
  • 7.7 million tons of iron ore,
  • 3.7 million tons of iron ore concentrate,
  • 108,900 tons of fluoride,
  • 55,200 tons of fluoride concentrate,
  • 82,700 tons of zinc concentrate, and
  • 14,600 tons of copper cathode.

Industry sales tripled last year, reaching 15.2 trillion MNT.

As of February 5, the nation had a 38-day petroleum reserve. Minister D. Sumiyazbazar noted that a working group is currently drafting a package of amendments to the Law on Mining, and will submit them for review during the spring plenary session of Parliament.

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