Petitions Standing Committee reports on its work

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-02-14 14:42 GMT+8

On February 13, Chair of the Petitions Standing Committee M. Oyunchimeg and Minister of Health D. Sarangerel reported on the committee’s work during the autumn plenary session of Parliament.

They reported that the standing committee received 250 petitions from the public during the autumn session, and 196 of them were resolved with a positive response. The remaining 57 petitions are still in the process of being reviewed.

Six percent of the applications were about public interest violations and the others were regarding personal matters. Parliament received 1,310 statements and complaints from 13,500 people during the autumn session.

M. Oyunchimeg noted, “We are reviewing each petition carefully and have paid attention to petitions about violating the public's interests.” Minister D. Sarangerel mentioned that the Petitions Standing Committee is the only committee which has a direct and active connection to the public. She added that most petitions have been about air pollution for the past few years.

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