2018 development plans include apartments for 2,000 ger district households

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-02-14 14:01 GMT+8

The Agency for Ger District Infrastructure reported that it is holding discussions with companies contracted to receive financing from the agency.

There are 34 companies that are working on ger district re-planning projects, but only 11 of them are currently operating and the remaining companies have either stopped their work or have yet to begin.

Over 5,200 apartments have been built since 2013 as part of ger district re-planning efforts, but only 1,000 households have relocated to apartments and 1,500 households have vacated their land over the past five years. The agency claims that 2,000 households will receive apartments in 2018, and the construction of new apartments for 10,000 households will begin this year. The agency noted that plans are in motion for apartments for 16,000 households to be built by 2020 in four different locations.

Vice Minister of Construction and Urban Development Sh. Lkhamsuren said that the ministry is ready to submit ger district re-planning legislation to Parliament for review. The bill includes keeping Ipotek loan at 25 percent of down payment, and loan interest at seven percent. The average price for re-planning project apartments is 1,800,000 MNT per square meter.

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