ASM knowledge hub is available


2018-03-06 10:00 GMT+8

On March 1, the Sustainable Artisan Mining Project announced opening of Artisanal and Smallscale Mining (ASM) Knowledge Hub, a web-based platform, where ASM stakeholders can create and share knowledge, experiences and solutions. The platform will feature latest news and updates in ASM sector, and provide information on upcoming events regarding the sector.

Moreover, it is believed that it will be the main point of storage and dissemination of various articles, studies, researches and publications produced by ASM involved parties in eight different topics

  • Legal framework,
  • Mercury and Toxic Chemicals,
  • Occupational Safety and Health,
  • Environment and Rehabilitation,
  • Human Rights and Gender,
  • Supply Chain and Economic Development,
  • ASM Community and Local Government, and Results,
  • Success and Achievements, four thematic groups and groups created by users.

The platform has also e-learning and real-time information service.


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