ETT reports on production and future plans at PDAC

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-03-09 12:50 GMT+8

At the PDAC International Convention being held in Toronto, Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi (ETT) reported that as of March 2017, ETT's coal export made up 14 percent of China's total coal imports.

After exporting 8.5 tons of coal in 2017, ETT says it plans to export 10 tons in 2018,  and has already exported two tons of coking coal as of February 2018. ETT is working to issue an IPO this year, and to carry out technical upgrades at Baganuur JSC in order to double the Baganuur mine's yield by 2020.

Baganuur supplies 50 percent of domestically consumed coal and 60 percent of the central region's demand. In 2017, Baganuur extracted over four million tons of coal and earned 126.6 billion MNT, and plans to extract 4.1 tons of coal in 2018.

ETT reported that Erdenes Mongol LLC plans to export energy as part of its Shivee Energy Complex project. ETT representatives at PDAC also spoke about the possibility of establishing a wealth fund, which would protect the company from economic and market fluctuations and contribute to economic stabilization Since 2010, the Government of Mongolia has been building the basis for strengthening a green economy, and according to state, private, and international stakeholders, the government has been actively engaged in supporting green development.

Currently, the Government of Mongolia is working on integrating green development concepts into legislation and regulations. State procurement is now focused on green development and amendments to the Law on Procurement are being developed. In addition, the government hopes to set green development criteria for the development and implementation of bigger state-funded projects. The green development initiatives and efforts of Mongolia's commercial banks are well acknowledged internationally, and several days ago an international sustainable funding association rated Mongolia and its commercial banks as progressive. The Green Climate Fund has confirmed that it will be allocating  145 million USD in financing to Mongolia's green development projects.     

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