Scientists prove Vitamin D reduces cancer risks

2018-03-12 14:59 GMT+8

High volume of Vitamin D in human body stops cancer cells to spread, says a research team consisting international members. They collected data including blood type, diet, life habit, family history of cancer from 33000 40-69 aged, Japanese individuals for 16 years.

Furthermore, they made analysis on their age, body weight, bad habits (smoking, alcohol). In the end, they concluded, high volume of Vitamin D can reduce chance of getting cancer by 20 percent. Also, they mentioned there is no difference of the effect of VItamin D based on individual’s sex. More specifically, high volume of Vitamin D can reduce liver cancer by 50 percent.

Those results proved a prediction, vitamin D can prevent from different types of cancer. But they say, low volume of vitamin D might not have a direct impact on cancer risk. Also, unknown aspect could have influenced the result of their research.

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