Current economic conditions and trends discussed during BoM forum

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-03-14 15:20 GMT+8

The Bank of Mongolia and the Economic Research and Science Institute organized a discussion of current economic conditions and trends to address issues related to Mongolia's economic growth, mining, and investment.

The discussion was held with two panel presentations.  Representatives from research institutions noted that the current economic crisis has been caused largely by poor  political policies and uncertainty rather than being directly affected by economic factors. Some panelists suggested that Mongolia's unstable business environment, which is dependent on political conditions and impacted by personal factors, makes prospective investors cautious about directly investing.

Attendees highlighted that the inaction of decision-makers, even in the event of technical and financial resources being made available, hinders investment opportunities. It was also stated that based on observations made from other investment meetings and conferences, investors tend to be interested in investing in other sectors instead of being limited only to mining.   

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