Canadian companies will participate in “Mongolia Mining 2018”

2018-03-16 12:42 GMT+8

“Mongolia Mining” is an expo aims to create an opportunity for Mongolians to see and buy world-class mining equipments. The expo, place for mining industry's players to gather, will be held for the 8th consecutive year on 4-6 April 2018 at Buyant Ukhaa Sports Palace, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This year’s theme is “World technology comes here”.   

“Mongolia Mining” started in 2011, when foreign companies started to interest in Mongolian mining industry. Also, the “Oyutolgoi” project started at that time. Constantly increasing number of participating companies and visitors confirms the value and quality of this expo.

We Iinterviewed with “Mongolia Mining 2018” expo’s organizer, Director of Minex Mongolia, T. Battulga.

Official from the Government and its agencies will give more detailed information on a bedrock of non-ferrous.

-“Mongolia mining” was highlighted in the World mining calendar 2018. When did you announce the date?
It’s common to announce the date of the international expo at least one year before the actual date. By doing so participants can add our expo to their yearly plan and make sure they can participate. On the other hand, we’ve been holding this expo constantly for 8 years, so that participant companies started preparing themselves even without our announcement.   

-What will be the highlight of this year?
-In last a few years, we started holding seminars. 2017 was a positive year in a mining industry. The metal’s price, we export from Mongolia including copper and zinc has increased and with that growth, our country’s export and economy has been good. We believe this trend will continue in the future. During “Mongolia mining 2018”, we will feature non-ferrous metals. For local and foreign investors, we are planning to hold a discussion on this topic and official from the Government and its agencies will give more detailed information on a bedrock of non-ferrous.

-Did the number of participant companies increase? What are the new companies and countries?
This year’s number of participating company has increased. Previously participated companies from countries including China, Russia, Czech Republic, Australia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Japan, Germany, South Korea, France will participate for sure. In addition to these, a big group from Canada will come.

With the help of Canadian Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, 10 companies from Canada will participate. Also, companies from Finland, England, Italy, Ukraine will participate very first time. As of now, a total of 130 companies from 18 countries have registered. Because of the limited space of expo hall, we can't add the number of participating company. Space renting closed 3 months ago. This shows our country's mining industry is growing.

-Could you introduce the expo’s sponsors?
This year, previous sponsors are supporting us again. The main sponsor is Transwest Mongolia, representative of Komatsu brand. Golden sponsors are Hera Equipment and UK’s Department of International Trade. logistic sponsors are Wagner Asia Equipment and Hytorc Mongolia.

-Last year, there was a new expo to promote a connection between investors and participants. What about this year?
This expo was always being the bridge between Mongolian mining industry and foreign businessmen as well as private and Government organization. And our committee team is focusing on to create a convenient environment to connect our participants with investors as well as business professionals.

D. Tushigt-Erdene

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