The Embassy of Belgium to Mongolia is organising a concert in Ulaanbaatar

2018-04-03 13:30 GMT+8

The Embassy of Belgium to Mongolia is organising a concert in Ulaanbaatar with Belgian classical guitar player Aram Van Ballaert on 5 April. With this event Belgium wants to further strengthen ties with Mongolia, from cultural relations to political and economic relations.

It is the first time Belgium is hosting such a high profile cultural event in Mongolia since many years. Following some high level political contacts between both countries in the past two years, both in Mongolia and in Belgium, Belgium wants to show it is ready to further develop ties, on a political, economic and people-to-people level.

H.E. Mr. Marc Vinck, Ambassador of Belgium to Mongolia (based in Beijing) and host of the concert, stated:

With a program adapted for Mongolia, Aram Van Ballaert, one of Belgium’s most talented musicians, will offer the perfect occasion to bring Belgians and Mongolians together. I hope this will contribute to our mutual understanding and pave the way for a closer relationship between our countries.

Aram Van Ballaert is one of Belgium’s most adventurous artists: frequently as a guest musician for the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, but also as a soloist in the double concerto by Astor Piazzolla. Alternating between solo recitals, music theatre and recordings, he’s got a fascinating and busy schedule.

Aram studied under guidance of Raphaella Smits at the Louvain University College of Arts. In this renowned institute he is a professor himself for several years. After his studies in Louvain he went to Paris and Barcelona to hone his musical skills with famous guitarists/composers Jorge Cardoso and Maria Luisa Anido. In 1994 Aram won the first price in the Concours International de la Guitare (Alsace, France).

In cooperation with the national radio station KLARA he released two CD’s: “Danza” (2002), a musical journey through South America and “TRI”, a triple album with music from Argentina, the Balkan and Russia. With these programs he travelled through Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Since 2012 Aram Van Ballaert also profiles himself as a composer. He writes soundtracks for prime time TV series as well as for film and works together with renowned directors such as Jan Matthys and Stijn Coninx.

Van Ballaert is also active in popular music; both live and on CD/DVD he can be heard with Ronny Mosuse, Novastar and The Clement Peerens Explosition. Thanks to his curiosity as a musician and insights as a pedagogue he is a sought-after guest on radio and television.

Versatility is an understatement when we talk about Aram Van Ballaert.”

Chantal Pattyn, Radio Klara

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