President calls for justice and prosperity


2018-04-09 16:05 GMT+8

At the opening of spring session of Mongolian Parliament the President of Mongolia Battulga Khaltmaa and the Parliament Speaker Enkhbold Miyegombo delivered speeches, expressing their positions on the issues the country is facing.

Parliament's Spring session opens with addressed issues

In the beginning of his speech, the President called for the Parliament and Cabinet to listen attentively to the voices of the society and reflect proposals received from the citizens in making decisions.

Between January 14 and April 1, the President visited eight districts and 17 aimags in order to hear public opinion. Accordingly, he grouped the public distress, stating his position and solutions as follows:

-Unfair resource distribution: Critical issues on pension and premium, unemployment and poverty, offshore accounts of politicians

-Public services: Smoke and air pollution, housing, wrong actions of government organizations, land privatization, difficulties in health and education sectors.

- Government bodies: Parliament, Cabinet and Government authorities' actions, wrong decisions made by officials, public servants' ethics and morals, keeping justice, implementing law governance and enhancing the Constitution.

- Economy: Reducing debt pressure, expanding economy, having public services compact, public servants more qualified and skilled, as well as developing construction.

He is critical towards the IAAC and other law enforcement organizations that they had absolutely no initiative and was sluggish in solving the issue concerning politicians with offshore assets. In the last two years, Mongolia fell by 31 ranks in corruption index with the current management of IAAC. “No significant case was solved. In the situation that a person in charge of affairs does not fulfill his/her duty and obligations, his/her position shall be dismissed,” the President strongly expressed his position. “I will urgently address to the Speaker on changing the head of the IAAC.”

He asserted that he will initiate and submit several draft bills on the abovementioned issues to the Parliament within his rights, and requested parliament members to involve in the discussion and support actively without politicizing the issue.

He called for the Cabinet to resist corruption in resolving urgent problems.

"The Government's prior obligation is to provide its citizens with job and thus with income. You have been provided every power to create numerous jobs. Let us start large projects that aligns with national interest. Let us discover new business platforms that can create more income and jobs. Let us adapt innovation as a norm in all sectors. The citizens will have income if they have jobs. Living quality will improve naturally when they have income. If living quality is good, a condition will be created to pay attention to health and education. Healthy and educated citizens will sustainably develop the country in the long-term. If government bodies manage and correct this simple sequence urgently, there is a possibility for Mongolia to stand firmly on the path of development," marked the President.


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