The government of Mongolia sends humanitarian aid to Russia


2018-04-10 10:01 GMT+8

According to the government of Mongolia's order 100, Mongolian government has sent 350 pieces of 100g 'PANCYPSIN' -ointment pack for the Russian citizens that are injured during the fire in Kemerovo shopping center.

Pancypsin-ointment is made by Mongolian pharmaceutical factory 'Mon-Enzim'. Specific properties of Pancypsin are to break down and eliminate suppurative mass, abscesses and infiltrations, decompose necrotic tissues, cleanse wound and accelerate regeneration of cells and so on. 

Minister of Health D. Sarangerel met with Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Mongolia Azizov Iskander Kubarovich. Ambassador Azizov expressed his gratitude for government of Mongolia and the people of Mongolia for providing assistance in hard time and emphasized that the ointments will help not only physically but also it will support them mentally.

During the meeting Mr.Azizov Iskander Kubarovich informed that Russia will educate15 doctors and specialists on maternal and child health in Moscow.


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