Meet Natalia Vodianova


2018-04-12 14:02 GMT+8

From a small neighborhood in the city of Novgorod, Russia, a world famous model came to be—Natalia Mikhailovna Vodianova. Without her, it’s impossible to imagine the fashion industry of Moscow, Paris and across Italy. She was on the front cover of Vogue magazine over 70 times! She has worked with brands including Calvin Klein, Versace and L’Oreal making herself known to the world.

Natalia joined a modeling agency when she was only 15; then at the age of 17, she moved to Paris to work with Viva Model agency. With her goals and dreams in mind, she became the most famous “face” in 2001.Having walked in over 400 runways wearing the fanciest high-end fashion made by designers from the U.S and Europe, I’m sure you have realized by now that she catches anyone’s attention with her calm voice and humble personality as well as her simple yet elegant look.

She is currently working her heart out for her Naked Heart Foundation and has now built over 170 playgrounds for children. Clearly, she’s not only a good mother, but also a wonderful lady as she always tries to help the precious children in the world. Natalia MikhailovnaVodianova works as the president of the Naked Heart Foundation which she founded with the support of organizations such as NSPCC, Women for Women and RED.

The foundation helps the children that are in need of great help who live in Russia. Their main goal is to support families and make a calm and safe environment for every child—which they are slowly achieving.

How can we forget that our “Supernova” also co-founded the Head of Aspiration at PicsArt, Partnerships and Media Elbi? In her interviews, she has mentioned about numerous times living in a spare room of their neighbor, helping her sister Oksana who has cerebral palsy while she worked in a neighborhood store. Her road to fame wasn’t easy, but with her diligence and hard work, she finally received the results.

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