Court rules to imprison two former PMs for 30 days


2018-04-13 08:29 GMT+8

Chingeltei District Court ruled out to detain the former Prime Ministers Bayar Sanj and Saikhanbileg Chimed for 30 days for investigation yesterday. The trial was attended by their lawyers while former PMs were attending online from the 461st Detention Center.

During the legal proceeding, former PM Bayar remarked, “Detaining for a month-long period is not interesting to me. Two Premiers being detained in connection to Oyu Tolgoi Investment Agreement will have impact on Mongolia’s global reputation, sending signs that Oyu Tolgoi Agreement was inefficient, and abolishing the reputation of the project will affect Mongolia’s economy. Therefore, please see the issue from this perspective.”

Suspects' lawyers claim IAAC violated laws with the detention 

As their lawyers said, Bayar and Saikhanbileg were questioned simultaneously in adjacent rooms and were detained without a judge’s permission. The detention was ruled out in order to prevent possible tampering, removal or destruction of evidence. Danzannorov Lkhagvaa, lawyer of Saikhanbileg notified that a person can only be detained with a judge’s permission when the state special protection is still in effect. The lawyer also condemned that Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) conducted the arrest by violating laws and chose the worst form of restraint.

In addition, the IAAC and General Prosecutor’s Office of Mongolia detained former Minister of Finance Bayartsogt Sangajav, former Head of General Department of Taxation Ariunsan Baldanjav and CEO of Erdenes Mongol LLC Byambasaikhan Bayanjargal in relation to the Dubai Agreement earlier this month. 

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