Spring cultivation commences


2018-05-07 11:59 GMT+8

A total of 60 thousand tons of seed is required for spring cultivation of wheat this year. According to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, 50.8 thousand tons were collected domestically and eight thousand tons were imported. In addition, six business entities, which requested to renovate their seeds at their own expenses, have been granted licenses for importing 2 thousand tons of wheat for producing seeds.

The ministry signed contracts with over 300 companies and individuals for granting 16.5 thousand seeds.

According to an estimation, a total of 7800 tons of diesel fuel is required for normal cultivation process this year. Under the agreement signed between the Fund for Cultivation Support (FCS) and NIC LLC, 3500 tons of fuel is being granted with 50 percent prepayment loan through local gas stations. The fuel price was established at MNT 1720-1800 per ton for wholesale and MNT 1949-2080 per ton for retail.

As reported by the ministry, a total of 3230 tractors, 2254 seeders for wheat, 5424 soil processing equipment, potato and vegetables cultivation seeders are required for the 2018 spring cultivation. The Ministry is organizing a purchase of agricultural and watering equipment from the fund of Chinese Government soft loan under relevant rules. In cooperation with the Development Bank of Mongolia, the ministry is implementing Agricultural Equipment Leasing project and conducting talks on purchasing agricultural equipment from Russia, Belarus and Germany.

Furthermore, the ministry has formulated a draft bill on customs duty exemption of agricultural equipment, fertilizer and plant protection products. Presently, proposals on the bill are being collected from stakeholders of the industry. The draft will soon be submitted to the Cabinet for discussion. In addition, the FCS is granting agricultural equipment including mid-size tractors with a loan that has 7-9 years maturity and 10 percent prepayment.

As of today, cellars throughout the country are capable of storing 56 percent of harvested potato and vegetables for the population needs. Therefore, the ministry is making efforts in increasing the capacity of storages, which include a project on establishing an elevator with a capacity of 15 thousand tons in Selenge with Russian soft loan, and cellars for storing potatoes and vegetables in Selenge, Bayan-Olgii and Khovd aimags with MNT 1.2 billion financing from the State Budget. In addition, Fruits and Berries, and Vegetables national programs were approved by the Cabinet early this spring.

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