Nominees for IAAC director and deputy released


2018-05-07 14:01 GMT+8

In order to appoint the director and deputy director of the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia (IAAC), the Office of the President received nominees from the public through its website for a week between April 25 and May 1.

According to the information provided by the President’s Office, a total of 6405 citizens casted their vote for the poll. A total of 6382 citizens nominated 179 people for the directorial seat and 5657 citizens nominated 317 individuals for the deputy director position.

179 people nominated for directorial seat and 317 individuals for deputy's position

The President of Mongolia Battulga Khaltmaa will present the names of two nominees, who received the most vote, to the Parliament as candidates for the director and deputy director of the IAAC. The law states that the Head and the Deputy head of the IAAC shall be appointed for 6-year terms by the Parliament and must be nominated by the President of Mongolia.”


A candidate for the office of the head of the Anti-Corruption Agency shall have at least 15 years of prior government service, shall be at least 55 years of age, shall be a lawyer by profession, and shall possess relevant managerial and professional experience, and shall not have held a political position for at last 5 years;

A candidate for the office of the Deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Agency, shall be a lawyer by profession, and shall have at least 10 years of government service, and shall have experience in undercover and investigative work;

As such, some of the nominees on the list do not satisfy the criteria.

In a statement released by the President’s Office, it was mentioned that the votes of those who did not write distinguishable names, address and content were excluded from valid votes, but were counted as voters. 


  • Davaa-Ochir Davaanyam, Head of Office of National Security Council
  • Batsaikhan Janjaa, colonel and former Deputy Head of General Executive Agency of Court Decision
  • Bilegt Bayanmunkh, former deputy Head of National Police Agency
  • Uuganbayar Nergui, former Head of Criminal Police Department
  • Tsogtbaatar Dashnamjil, Head of the Mongolian Federation of Politically Repressed
  • Enkhtur Ulziibat, former Head of the National Police Agency
  • Baasan Geleg, Head of Public Council of the IAAC
  • Enkhbold Zandaakhuu, Head of the Presidential Staff
  • Jargalsaikhan Bazarsad, Director of Buyan LLC • Purevbaatar Dashpurev, advocate


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