Oil refinery feasibility is being audited


2018-05-11 10:33 GMT+8

The feasibility study of an oil refinery in Dornogobi aimag is currently being audited. According to an initial estimate, the oil refinery which is being financed by India’s USD 1 billion fund, is expected to produce 1.5 million tons of oil per year.

The plant is expected to produce 560 thousand tons of Euro-4/5 gasoline, 670 thousand tons of diesel fuel, and 107 thousand tons of liquefied gas. However, these numbers could be changed after the detailed feasibility study.

Altanshiree soum was selected for its closer location to the infrastructure that gives the opportunity to transport crude oil from Dornogobi’s 19th and 21st site.

Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry Sumiyabazar Dolgorsuren said that the construction work of the oil refinery will begin by the third quarter of this year and will be commissioned in 2022.

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