Law enforcement organizations fail to clarify alleged espionage case to CMJ


2018-05-16 15:59 GMT+8

In April, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Mongolia (GPO) notified of a privacy breach case on certain journalists by a certain official. The GPO called a press conference and confirmed that the GIA opened a criminal case on the officials and submitted to the GPO. The case is currently under investigation of the prosecutor’s authority.

In connection to the conference, the Confederation of the Mongolian Journalists (CMJ) submitted an official letter of request to the Ministry of Justice and Domestic Affairs, GPO and GIA.

The ministry replied that relevant information of a criminal case shall be obtained from a prosecutor’s office, while the GPO answered that it is unable to provide information and clarification on a case which is currently under a filing and investigation by citing relevant law clauses.

Therefore, the CMJ requests the journalists and media organizations, who were involved in the espionage case, to answer to the confederation.

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