Nyamdorj refuses to testify


2018-05-14 10:30 GMT+8

Although the Minister of Justice and Domestic Affairs Nyamdorj Tsend came to the General Intelligence Agency (GIA) yesterday, as it called him for testimony over an alleged privacy breach case on certain journalists filed against some officials, he refused to give testimony.

“The GIA addressed to me with an issue to take testimony as a witness,” Mr. Nyamdorj asserted to reporters. “I came respecting the laws. I did not gave testimony. I have no issue to witness. I have no issue with the espionage ofnjournalists,” he added. “The talk was ended with my request if it is considered that I have ordered to espionage, please bring evidence,” he emphasized. In late April, several media outlets raised a scandal that some journalist with their family members were spied on and wiretapped, and a police officer allegedly shot the journalist's car.

This was confirmed with information provided by the General Prosecutors Office: “The Police Authority reported to the GIA of a privacy breach case on certain journalists by a certain official. After an investigation, the GIA opened a criminal case on the officials and submitted to the GPO,” prosecutor in charge of public relations and monitoring of GPO Byasman Ganburged informed at a press conference which took place on April 26. The prosecutor said the case is currently under investigation of the prosecutor’s authority. However, the GPO did not provide any information of further details on the names of victims or suspects.

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