MNCCI announces to leave MEF 2018 if ministers refuse to take part


2018-05-17 08:31 GMT+8

Mongolia Economic Forum – 2018 will take place at the Government House on May 21-22 under the theme “Let’s Unite Our Strength”, the organizers announced yesterday.

The forum will touch upon Mongolia’s Development Model and Investment Policy, the fourth industrialization revolution, the Government and Private Sector Partnership and 12 other panel sessions on agriculture, tourism, economic development and decentralization policy, as well as branding, mega projects, pension reform, wealth and resources fund, responsible leadership and digital transition.

Mr. Zandanshatar noted that the Cabinet has presented the draft Bill on Tax Reform. “Criticisms received from entrepreneurs on tax reform will be resolved,” he added. With the support of the World Bank Group, consultation principles are being implemented within the frame of the Government and Private Sector Partnership agenda. The Government will consult with the private sector before reaching any decision,” he underscored.According to the Head of the working group responsible for organizing the forum and the Chief of Cabinet Secretariat Zandanshatar Gombojav, the particularity of this year’s forum is to discuss the country’s urgent problems and present midterm investment program. The discussion topics include air pollution resolution, tourism development, air transport liberalization, agricultural sustainable development and implementation of a goal on becoming a food exporter.

Mongolia Economic Forum 2018 to take place on May 21-22

“Last year, the economy grew 5.1 percent. In the next two years, the GDP growth is expected to be 6-7 percent,” President of Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) Lkhagvajav Baatarjav emphasized. He added that the MNCCI will strive to increase accrued income and public fund financing during these years and reduce corruption chances by improving transparency.

“Today, the Law on Violation created prosecutors’ dictatorship system,’ Mr. Lkhagvajav criticized. “This is a gate for corruption. This should be stopped,” he continued. “We are not sitting idle just to become a symbol for the President and the Prime Minister. If the ministers will not participate in full extent of the two-day forum, I, together with private sector participants, will leave the event,” Mr. Lkhagvajav highlighted. Scan the QR code for more details of the event. 


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