Public engagement in the stock market intensifies


2018-05-23 10:32 GMT+8

In according with the IPOs of the last few months, the number of people engaged in the stock market is increasing. Companies including And-Energy, iTools, and LendMN recently issued an IPO. The majority of the investors were Mongolians, accounting for 98 percent of And-Energy’s IPO, 88 percent of iTools’s IPO, and 44 percent of LendMN’s IPO. Also, Mongolians took part in 82 percent of the secondary market trade.

Although the active public participating in the stock market trade is favorable, their short-term investment strategy leads to price volatility, said analysts. Several companies are expected to issue an IPO this year. The analysts predict that the limited purchasing power of the public could slow IPOs in the primary and secondary market. The analysts said that foreign and domestic investors and social foundations should involve in the stock market.

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