Parliament votes to create a cyber policy committee to advance state digitization

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-05-28 13:30 GMT+8

Parliament approved a resolution on establishing a temporary cyber policy committee made up of 26 Members of Parliament.

MPs A. Undraa, M. Oyunchimeg, J. Enkhbayar, and N. Uchral suggested first discussing blockchain technology, involving specialized experts and  quickly undertaking legal arrangements to make the delivery of public services fast, transparent, and open. Speaker of Parliament M. Enkhbold stated, “Even though we've talked about creating an e-Government for more than a decade, there has been little progress.

It is expected that the establishment of a cyber policy committee will ensure that realistic changes are made in making public services less bureaucratic, fast, and more transparent.” He asked the cyber policy committee members to pay special attention to the use and security of digital information.

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