Some important notifications for foreign national

2018-06-07 15:49 GMT+8

Dear visitors to Mongolia, we kindly request You to respect and conform to the Mongolian culture, tradition, and custom as well as relevant laws and regulations.

Here are some important notifications for foreign national to follow:

  1. Temporary visitors coming to Mongolia for more than 30 days or private purpose visitors or foreign national invited by the state organization or to be employed at an inter-governmental organization must be registered at the Mongolia Immigration Agency within 7 business days upon arrival in Mongolia.
  2. Foreign national who intends to reside in Mongolia for the private purpose must apply for a residence permit within 21 days to the Mongolia Immigration Agency after the border entry. The issuance, refusal of issuance, extension, change, and cancellation of the residence permit would be resolved in 3 to 5 business days.
  3. If the foreign national overstays a visa or residence permit, the one shall take responsibility under the Law of Mongolian on Violation. Visa duration of temporary visitors can be extended once for up to 30 days. The period between the visa issuance and extension shall be 6 months.
  4. Temporary visitors and foreign nationals residing in Mongolia are obliged to carry a passport or residence certificate with himself/herself, which is issued by the Mongolia authority.
  6. Please consider that foreign nationals illegal employment or any functions without permission of the authorized organization and it’s contradicting to the initial purpose of visit shall be subject to deport from Mongolia.

Therefore, I would like to remind for the foreign nationals residing in Mongolia for official and private purpose and their invitors to respect and comply with Mongolian legislation, culture, tradition, and custom.

                                                  WELCOME TO MONGOLIA!


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