Parliament decides not to suspend the power of MPs D. Murat and D. Gantulga

2018-06-09 10:52 GMT+8

During June 8’s meeting, Parliament discussed whether to suspend a power of two members of Parliament, D. Gantulga and D. Murat who both involved in a sexual harrassment. The parliament members voted to suspend the two members’ power privately. There were 57 parliament members in attendance to vote.

The majority of the parliament members voted to stay them in their power until 2020.

As for the parliament member D. Gantulga who is the youngest in Parliament, his case is still on going at a court. In 2017, a young woman claimed that he raped her sister at her home where they hung out together, after she left in the morning.

As for the parliament member D. Murat from Bayan-Ulgii Province, he involved in an allegation that he sexted a woman and assaulted her after she refused to hand over her phone to him.

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