Aspire's Nuurstei coal found to be of high quality premium coking coal

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-06-20 15:56 GMT+8

Aspire Mining Limited announced that a coal sample from Nuurstei’s coking coal project has been found to be of premium quality, according to the latest pilot coke testing.

Managing Director of Aspire Mining Ltd. David Paull noted, “The pilot coke testing results proved that it is possible to sell the Nuurstei project’s coking coal to Japan, South Korea and China’s steel manufacturers." The Nuurstei coking coal project is located in Khuvsgul Province and is connected to the Erdenet railway route.

The company's stock price rose by 4.35 percent on the Australian Stock Exchange after the announcement was made. Aspire Mining owns 90 percent of the Ovoot coal project and plans to build an Erdenet-Ovoot railway. ​

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