MPs and Cabinet working on flood relief measures

The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

2018-07-24 14:17 GMT+8

Member of Parliament and Deputy Head of the National State Emergency Commission (NSEC) N. Enkhbold visited Bornuur soum, Tuv Province to monitor the implementation of flood relief and clean-up orders issued by the NSEC on July 19. Army soldiers have been clearing debris from public spaces in Bornuur soum.

The soum's kindergarten, school, and local administration office were hit hard by flooding. The NSEC will review submitted estimates for the damage from local authorities and provide compensation for damages. According to preliminary reports, the total cost of damages is expected to be high. MP N. Enkhbold stated that Cabinet will discuss disbursing flood relief funds at the end of July, after compiling data about impacted areas.

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