92 percent of lawyers oppose amendment to General Administrative Law


2018-07-25 18:54 GMT+8

According to the Judicial Gen­eral Council of Mongolia, a total of 32,437 cases were finalized by the Supreme Court of Mongolia in the first half of this year. To put this into perspective, the total number of cases solved increased by over 10 percent year on year. Analysts put this jump down to deterioration in livelihoods and decrease in household earnings. A separate report released by the National Statistics Office last week showed the growth was mainly driven by theft, robbery and fraud – those that authorities classify as ravenous acts.

Total cost incurred due to criminal acts reached MNT 103.4 billion, less than 15% of which have been compensated, says NSO.

A trend to note was the slump of administrative court decisions. Administrative court finalized a total of 786 cases in the first six months of this year. This is down by 26.5% compared to last year and twice as less than that of 2016. The preceding couple of years were remarkable as Parliamentary and Presidential elections took place, sparking rise in such cases led by government officials, most of whom claimed to be fired illegally as a result of change in administration.

According to the information provided at the Judicial General Council’s website, only election related administrative cases totaled 72 in 2016, when the Parliamentary election took place. The statis­ tics come out at a controversial time when amendments to the General administrative law is being highly debated. 92 percent of lawyers oppose the expected amendment to the law as it aims to free the Government from all judicial parties. This will mean citizens and entities will no longer be able to turn to court to claim their rights.

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