Uruguay opens Consulate General in Mongolia


2018-08-22 14:40 GMT+8

Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), in cooperation with the Embassy of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Beijing, has organized the first ever Mongolia-Uruguay business meeting in Mongolia, and officially announced the establishment of Uruguay consulate general.

Last Friday, State Secretary of the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Davaasuren Damdinsuren, and a visiting Uruguayan delegation led by Fernando Cabral, head of the International Economic Cooperation Department at Uruguay's Foreign Ministry reached an agreement to open a consulate general of Uruguay in Mongolia and appointed Ganbold Tordai, CEO of Altan Dornod Mongol LLC, as the honorary consul at the business meeting.

The meeting was aimed at introducing business and investment opportunities in Uruguay to Mongolian businesspeople and was attended by 27 representatives of 22 private entities of Mongolia. Opening the meeting, Deputy Head of MNCCI Sarandavaa Myanganbuu remarked that it has been over 20 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Uruguay and highlighted the extended opportunities for bilateral cooperation on transportation and logistics.

Mr. Fernando Cabral marked the similarities of population and agriculture-based economy of the two countries and noted the potentials for cooperation. Uruguay is one of the major meat and meat products exporters in the world, which account for 12 percent of the country’s export. The main export markets for Uruguay are Brazil, the U.S, the People’s Republic of China, Russian Federation and Turkey, highlighted Mr. Cabral.

Aside from meat, soybeans, forestry and dairy products are also considered the main export items. The country recently started providing trade, business and telecommunication technologies, as well as financial services to developed countries. Powdered milk account for 58 percent of Uruguay’s dairyproduction, while cheese production forms 25 percent; thus, the country expressed its interest in cooperating with Mongolia on cheese production.

Uruguay is considered the leading country in the region with its business indicators, such as investment environment, business opportunity and stability. They also lead the democracy index, transparency and equality indicators in Latin American region. In addition, the two countries signed a visa-free agreement in April allowing for 30-day visa-free travel for visitors from each other's countries, which came into force on June 1.

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