Parts of confidential geological findings to be revealed


2018-09-05 16:00 GMT+8

Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry (MMHI) announced to disclose some of the results of geological survey, conducted by Russians in 1960­-1990, durings its monthly press meeting yesterday. The confidential findings were archived at Russian federal Geological fund and were handed to Mongolia earlier this year.

Mongolian side requested the 70 geological reports since July 1991. Upon receival, the General Intelligence Agency reportedly studied the documents under con­ fidentiality up until now. According to the MMHI, 49 reports were handed out to the Center for Geological Data on August 12. After processing the archives, copies of the documents will be delivered to libraries and will be available to the public for research and exploration uses.

Later on, the MMHI reported on fuel reserve. As of August 28, the fuel reserve could cover cover 38 days of nationwide average con­sumption. In specific, Mongolia has a 119­-day reserve of A80 fuel, 25-­day of A92, 38­-day of diesel fuel and 28-­day of TC-­1 plan fuels. The national average retail price of petrol of A80 stands at MNT 1750, A92 -­ MNT 1888, A95 ­- MNT 2157 and diesel fuel ­- MNT 2180 respectively.


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